Awaken The Adventurer Within


I found myself on a rollercoaster of lights, surrounded in darkness, and inside a set of assumptions, concepts, values, practices and rules that constituted a way of viewing reality, which formed the basis of my conclusions and decisions.

Realizing that this paradigm needed to shift was the first step to my adventure.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 9.14.04 PM.png


Although sometimes forgotten, the manifestation of your reality can be chosen as soon as you shift your reality in that way.

When choosing to approach each day as an adventure, a person continues to be a student of the universe.

To achieve dreams, one must act in a direction to achieve those dreams.

And whatever that dream may be, is an adventure within itself.

And even when that dream is achieved, does the true adventure only just begin.

And no matter where one is lead, the adventurer within will be the decider of his/her own fate.


The Meditation To Awaken The Adventurer Within:

۞ Sit comfortably in a cross-legged position

۞ Lay one hand within the other, hold your thumbs together

۞ Close your eyes

۞ Take deep breaths — all through your nose. Imagine your lungs as a sack, and fill the sack up from the bottom to the top as slow as possible. Then imagine the sack being squeezed from the top down, until you feel your stomach slightly fold under your lower ribs. Continue this thought with each breath. Soon it will happen naturally.

۞ Keep your thoughts on your breath.

۞ If you start to think about other things, imagine yourself as a mountain – the thoughts being clouds. Stand tall, mountain. Let those thought clouds float by.

۞ After a time of reflection, turn your thoughts to your deepest desires and dreams.

۞ And keep the focus own that. If your thoughts turn to thinking of someone else think deeper within to YOU. What is YOUR dream if you only had YOURSELF. That someone else is important, but this is your time right now for self reflection. Avoid distraction.

۞ Now ask your highest self if this dream and desire is the path that you should go.

۞ Listen.

۞ Once you have your higher , most inner self confirming this fate, consider the first step you must do in order for this dream to manifest into your reality.

۞ If your mind starts to wander, go back to thinking of yourself as the mountain, with the thoughts floating by like clouds until you are ready to solely focus on your inner most goal again.

۞ Once you understand the step that needs to be taken next, sit within that thought for as long as you can.

۞ The outcome that your deepest, inner most self comes to, usually is not the simplest task. It is here will you learn to gain courage.

۞ Tell yourself “I am” “I will” “I am”

۞ When you’re ready, open your eyes.

You have now begun your adventure. Go forth and do. Go forth and be.

Repeat this meditation anytime you need to refocus on your goals.



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