In-between Infinity

One day I found myself somewhere in-between infinity and the end of time.

It was a weird day, you see… for many things obscured my view of my present dimensional reality.

I remember it feeling anywhere between cold and warm, with a breeze that made my hair tickle my cheeks and stick to my nose.

It was rather perfect, you see… laying on a concrete bench in the middle of nowhere…sipping old memories, chasing them with warm delusions.

And in this moment, on the in-between (although I was a bit confused), I remember thinking to myself, that if I ever awoke how I’d remember this one shape.

And I traced it and traced it inside my mind.

But I always found new curves and segments, that continued into an abyss of infinity and the end.

But not once was I scared…for I knew that a forever changing mind, would always seek the truth.

Then I awoke from the in-between, and I sat up rather slow.

There I was in my heart, in my soul — in the journey I continued to grow.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 7.31.57 PM

[Photo by Esther Johnson]

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