gråttitu∂e¨ ƒor the˙connection˙˙∆˚


the connection.

∞∆˚˙ the connection of love to heart.

the connection of heart to mind. ∞∆˚˙

the connection of mind to ::disconnect::

∞∆˚˙ the disconnection of reality to reconnect.

the reconnection of body to reflect ∞∆˚˙

∞∆˚˙ the reflection of connection to progress.

the progression of reflection to immerse.  ∞∆˚˙

∞∆˚˙ the immersion of body to reconnect.

the reconnection of disconnection to connect. ∞∆˚˙

∞∆˚˙ the connection of mind to heart.

the connection of heart to love. ∞∆˚˙

the connection.

the connection.

the connection.


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