it was worth it

It was worth every moment of the darkness, the agonizing repress of pain in which forced me to grow. Tasting death on the brink of my lips, but not death of my life, but of part of my soul. Part of my heart. It was worth it to tell you goodbye through the tears of […]

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I really need you today. • I feel the weight of the world consuming my heart with it’s peril of guilt and greed – • I feel exhausted, and tired, sick with unknown stories of this way or that, indeed. • I have tasted the waters of loving abundance, I have danced in life giving […]

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A Dream’s Song

My dreams glide through these waking eyes leaving with the morning’s fresh light. • Yet for a moment the memory remains of a land full of wonders, the eyes of my beloved, beholding. • It follows me in dream realms, this love, emerging with the daylight. It caresses my soul, and glides into the abyss […]

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I taste the supple air, sweet with hope, tinged with the fragrance of the night flower’s bloom. • I fall into myself, and dance with myself under the half-kissed iridescent moon. • And in this moment I lay in the wonders of the world, finding the bliss in unknowingness. • I reach up to the […]

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I am the gray clouds streaking down through the sunset, amidst the top – floating on orange cliffs – Saturated in old beginnings… and new endings… I find this fork, this path in life, the path in time to be what I have been growing for, what I have been waiting for, what I have […]

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