and just like that…

and just like that  you simply become  another page of my poetry ~ living on through the scars of my memories::. through cursed words and love, my mind creates you into a scene — sometimes the sun sometimes the stars sometimes you live as fiery mars::. but today you live on this page, black text entered […]

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behind the dam

make the most of these nights, where sorrow cannot be smothered – when the soul is brave enough to taste the truths of it’s own brokenness. lay within this sorrow, rejoice in the pain, allow the truths to flow, the inner demons of the darkest plagues. feel it on these nights, as the moon is […]

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they said (archaic)

they said that my love was old fashioned, antiquated, if you must – for the path of endearment would just cause vexation, a solemn ire, a lack of trust. but I told them my love was just different, far beyond just lust – a love so grand that it could wrap the entire universe in […]

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a feeling deep gutted, strained – a breathless motion famished, lame – a tired figure dancing slow, these are the crazed, offset, meticulous blows. these are the wasted, subtle, intangible woes. these are the deep, encrested, irreversible knows. just wake up tomorrow – deathly fears, iniquitous risks. just wake up tomorrow – dreams float heavy, […]

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the clouds smile again.

and what do I care if you love me? rolling my eyes at yesterday’s sky, the memory of you inside me. it took a long spring, an even longer winter, to shake the terror of dread from inside me. but the clouds smile again, dark linger no more, for I told the ghosts of you […]

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I am magic.

I will love as gracefully as the moon and as strong as the sun. I will lie with passion and tenderness, strength and courage:: I will not fall but merge – rising like a Phoenix and blooming with the morning flower. I am the purple of the night, the deep orange of the evening. I […]

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Black Crow

And am I better for it? Love learned lessons from the cold. And am I crazy for it? Love warned warming up to know. Will I find peace within it? Peace that it could have been so bold. Will you come dance through it? Hands joined, swaying, the black crow.

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Goodbye she sang, kisses soft, a knowing that the last tear fell in smiles, in fact. ~ Goodbye she hummed, soft fingers down his back. Hm, he asked? Shh, just relax. ~ A resolution lives in letting go. A resurrecting soul, she was ready to grow. ~•~•~

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I free myself of past restraints, of urges to cling. I let go even if madness flows, for I always return to me. I’m sweet though, a pink rose – thorns sharp as can be. I’m just protecting my heart, you know, because no one else protects me. I love so big, just want to […]

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