within a world

Sometimes… I find it hard to mutter through the faint wonders that glide through the longest nights. :: And sometimes… I find it hard to muster the courage to bring myself through the beacons of glassy moonlight. :: I’m a child of the stars, yet the in-between awakenings during the longest hours keep me lost […]

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What is real?

When you think of me, I feel you… or is it merely just my ego? A churn of lies that glide through my dreams, my waking eyes – a coping mechanism to justify the pain that seeps deep within my life. -What is real?

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white cotton

They say that love is as strong as steel, I think it to be stronger – However, I find it can be inexorably cruel – But also, remarkably kinder. I speak only from personal strife, in which love has torn me to shreds – And I only speak from my personal life, where love still […]

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a sliver of a moment glistening, whimpering, whispering, fleeting. a reckoning of sunlight carrying the parcels of this last brigade. was it easy? no, i was not ready for the tainted moonlight to erase the warmth from sun-kissed melodies – the untouched demons of my darkest days. an unforgiving heart that has fought desperately to […]

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to go deep into the night, you’ll be scared they say – take care always. i know. but truth be told the only fears that grow are the lingering voices that seem to dive deep within me into the unknown. so i examine, i listen close – is this sorrow or frustration that i’m holding […]

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a journey far from home has tested my bravery, has tested my mind, my heart, my strength. a journey through time each day that passes each day that grows and i have lost you. a creeping of thoughts replay inside, replay inside, replay inside. :: do i repress? i just try to heal, do i […]

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and just like that…

and just like that  you simply become  another page of my poetry ~ living on through the scars of my memories::. through cursed words and love, my mind creates you into a scene — sometimes the sun sometimes the stars sometimes you live as fiery mars::. but today you live on this page, black text entered […]

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